CiNKO digital wallet collaborates with Chainalysis to elevate security and compliance

(San Jose, Costa Rica – September 13, 2023) – CiNKO, the global, digital payments platform, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Chainalysis, the blockchain data platform, aimed at enhancing the safety and transparency of digital assets for CiNKO’s growing customer base in Latin America.

CiNKO has emerged as a pioneer in the world of digital finance, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals across Latin America to effortlessly participate in the digital economy and manage their financial transactions. The collaboration with Chainalysis represents a significant step toward strengthening risk management and adhering to evolving regulatory standards in a rapidly growing global digital financial services industry.

Chainalysis has gained widespread recognition for its sophisticated blockchain analysis and compliance solutions, providing insights into cryptocurrency transactions across various platforms. The company's expertise in tracing and understanding blockchain activities has been instrumental for government agencies, cryptocurrency businesses, and financial institutions worldwide.

With Chainalysis, CiNKO will proactively detect and prevent illicit on-chain activities, such as money laundering, fraud, and other nefarious financial activities that may pose risks to users and the financial ecosystem. Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) combines blockchain intelligence, an easy-to-use interface, and a real-time API to reduce manual workflows, enhance compliance with crypto regulations, and safely interact with emerging technologies such as decentralized finance (DeFi).

"The mission of the CiNKO wallet is to provide a secure and trustworthy digital payment service environment for the unbanked and underbanked,” says Richard Douglas, Co-founder and CEO of CiNKO. “By leveraging solutions from Chainalysis, we are taking significant strides towards providing a seamless, safe, and compliant experience for our customers."

“We are excited to support CiNKO in their mission to provide cryptocurrency offerings with high regulatory compliance standards in place. We look forward to working closely with CiNKO to build trust in blockchain and cryptocurrency, and provide a safer environment for their customers,” says Javier Carrión, VP Latin America, Chainalysis.

Collaborating with Chainalysis will also offer CiNKO access to data related to cryptocurrencies, market trends, and user behavior, which can help the company make informed decisions and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

The CiNKO platform is currently available in the Google Play store and Apple App store.